Sunday, September 26, 2010

Short absence + Rant/Complaint - Cheaters

My bad. What was supposed to be a weekend became a week and some change. Maybe more, I wasn't keeping track.

I had this whole big rant typed out, and just as I reached the end, I deleted it all.

Because it was irrelevant; much more so than previous rants.

Gears are still being ground, though.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rant/Complaint - Things People Say

Drive-by update! Woo!

Things People Say will be an internet based calling out of stupid things too many people say. If there are phrases you likewise despise, feel free to let me know in the comments.

"I love you"

Not really just "I love you". It's more saying you love someone, or verbally assuming someone loves you, just to get them to do something.

Like this:
"Hey, could you do this thing for me?"
"Because you love me?"

It's because of this usage that love has lost its meaning, or is used to hurt people. I want to punch people who say it, every time I hear it. Don't use emotion for your personal gains, fuckface.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Belief: A dictatorship should be the preferred form of government.

I'll be out of town this weekend, so I won't be able to make my rounds. But as soon as I get time on Monday or Tuesday, I'll catch up with everyone. Don't forget to do your duties, and I'll be sure to give it back.

Before any responses are given, figure this quote into that statement:

"If angels rules men, any form of government would work. If men ruled angels, governments wouldn't be needed at all."

Now I'll continue.

There was once a time when the words "tyrant" and "dictator" didn't have the negative connotations they currently do. Why that changed was clearly not for the better. Probably due to the same people who're ruining our current and most espoused form(s) of government.

A dictator, I believe (See? Not my opinion, my belief), would be the best, because it removes the possibility of a group of people fucking things up for everyone. Going with the whole "angels ruling man" theory, humanity, as a whole, is of course fucking retarded. I have to very much doubt we'll ever achieve any kind of actual peace on our own. That's where the dictator comes in. His role would be to force peace, through whatever means possible.

My hope is that it'd be done by death and fear, two of the most effective deterrents. Rebels and their "factions" would be dealt with swiftly, harshly, and publicly. I mean televised executions of entire families because one of them dissented. Eventually people will get the point, and start stopping uprisings before they get any ground. I remember reading something similar once, regarding monkeys. Whether or not it actually happened, I couldn't say, but the analogy is still damn good.

So the theory was, you put some monkeys in a cage - 5 or 6, I think it was. In this cage, you put a set of stairs. At the top of these stairs, you put some delicious bananas or some fried chicken. The trick, though, is to electrify the stairs. So when the first monkey tries to climb up, he gets zapped, and runs away. The next monkey goes to try it, and he gets zapped, too. I don't remember how many monkeys it took for it to start happening, but eventually, the monkeys who'd learned that stairs = pain began to savagely beat the monkeys that went for the stairs. Once every monkey was aware of this, you began replacing them, one by one. The newly introduced monkey would of course go for the stairs, and all the rest would pummel it. Eventually, you would have all new monkeys, but they would continue to beat any that tried to climb the stairs. Why? Because as far as they knew, that's how it's always been.

There's a movie that will even kinda help my theory here. THX-1138. Or, probably better, the modern adaptation, Equilibrium. Equilibrium is the better example, I think. Peace is had through a controlled drug that everyone has to take. The world has peace and order. But people stop taking the drug, and what happens? Death, chaos, mayhem. They ruined a utopian society for the sake of something like creativity. Creativity is a tiny loss compared to 0 war. Would you rather have a good book to read, or the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won't have to fear being destroyed as collateral damage in a war? That means all their energy and resources can be put toward other things, like ending diseases, ending famine, space exploration, better understanding our own goddamn planet, etc etc etc.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rant/Complaint - Things People Say

Things People Say will be an internet based calling out of stupid things too many people say. If there are phrases you likewise despise, feel free to let me know in the comments.

"Looks don't matter to me"

Fuck you. Looks matter more to people who say this than it does to people who openly admit it. You just say it to string along whichever gullible schmuck falls for it. Lower your standards, pigface. You don't deserve someone pretty. Looks matter to everyone, at least long-term. Nobody wants to wake up next to someone they find repulsive for the rest of their life.

Rant/Complaint - Things People Say

Things People Say will be an internet based calling out of stupid things too many people say. If there are phrases you likewise despise, feel free to let me know in the comments.

"I'm a strong, independent woman"

No you're not. You're a bitch. Probably a fat one. Chances are you're ugly, too. So are your friends. What you need to do, is set the cheesy poof down and strap yourself to a treadmill. Women like you are the reason some men are abusive. The offending males were either, at the time of the offense, in a relationship with a "strong, independent woman", or were previously in one, and hadn't worked through their pent-up rage. Women like this make me yearn for a time when being a chauvinist was what was expected of a man. Your woman's acting up? Well then, sir. Bruise her mouth shut and stick her back in the kitchen. There are still dishes to wash, pies to make, and babies to have. A real "strong, independent woman" doesn't need to announce it.

Rant/Complaint - Things People Say

Things People Say will be an internet based calling out of stupid things too many people say. If there are phrases you likewise despise, feel free to let me know in the comments.

"I'm very opinionated"

No, you're a whiney attention whore. Everyone who's ever said this has done so only so they can complain about every ignorant thing they can think of, without getting yelled at for being a moron. Your opinions are wrong, but you a) Don't know it, or b) refuse to change them. You may think you're winning arguments with your unceasing stupidity, but the truth is, people are getting fed up with talking to your dumb ass. Opinions are far too easy to form and change. Grow a pair and get yourself some beliefs. People go to war for what they believe in, not for their opinions.

Rant/Complaint - Things People Say

Things People Say will be an internet based calling out of stupid things too many people say. If there are phrases you likewise despise, feel free to let me know in the comments.

This first one will be short, but one of the most prevalent.

"What goes around, comes around"

What's wrong with this phrase, one might ask? Surely it's used in the sympathetic defense of someone who's just had something horrible happen to them. But something these people apparently don't figure: Ever stop to think that this is the 'coming around' stage? Why don't people who use this phrase ever think of this? Maybe one of your dickheaded actions resulted in your current karmic castastrophy. Take the philosophical bitch slap and shut up.

Rant/Complaint: Thanksgiving vs. Xmas

I'm an American. Probably a fairly typical one. I'm largely ignorant to the affairs of the rest of the world, so long as they don't affect me in any direct way. But I'm still a reasonably proud American. Proud enough that when our only unique holiday, Thanksgiving, is trampled over and left for dead by the rush for the "holiday season", I tend to get a little upset.

It might be showing my age a little, but I remember a time when there was no such thing as "seasonal" decorations. You had New Year's, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, maybe Mother's/Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Each holiday had its own alloted time for preparation/celebration (generally kept only to the month it was in). And each holiday had its own set of decorations. Little by little, though, that changed. And it of course started with Xmas.

Every year, Xmas seems to be coming earlier and earlier. I've already heard people talking about Xmas shopping. And every year, more and more of my soul dies because of this. Christians brute forced their way into the celebration I don't know how long ago, and that take over has yet to stop. Xmas will, I believe soon enough, become a year-long celebration, much like it already is for Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. This abomination of a store in mid-Michigan is literally nothing but Christmas, every single day of the year - except for Christmas itself, the one day the store is closed. Retailers, no doubt, are some of the main contributors to this disease-like infestation of the holiday. Some already have their decorations up; it won't be long before they all do.

Even the entertainment industry cashes in on it unabashedly. Once the vague Halloween "scary" movie rush ends, everyone is gearing up for the holiday season, be it new movies, or DVD/Blueray releases. Not to mention the slew of shitty Christmas albums musical has-beens and hacks put out in order to pander for a little extra cash.

But back to my point: It's because of all these things that Thanksgiving has been almost entirely forgotten. It's a shell of its former glory. It used to actually be a time for family to come together, share a meal, divulge what they're thankful for, and part with each other until the following month. Now it's nothing but an excuse to gorge on a buffet of piss-poor from-a-box foods, watch Football, and get a day off from school/work.

Thanksgiving used to mean something to this country. I know one little rant on an insignificant blog will do absolutely nothing to change priorities back toward where they ought to be, but it's nice to dream. This year, as with years before it, and every year following, I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving twice. Once on the fourth Thursday in Novemeber, and again on December 25th.