Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rant/Complaint - Things People Say

Drive-by update! Woo!

Things People Say will be an internet based calling out of stupid things too many people say. If there are phrases you likewise despise, feel free to let me know in the comments.

"I love you"

Not really just "I love you". It's more saying you love someone, or verbally assuming someone loves you, just to get them to do something.

Like this:
"Hey, could you do this thing for me?"
"Because you love me?"

It's because of this usage that love has lost its meaning, or is used to hurt people. I want to punch people who say it, every time I hear it. Don't use emotion for your personal gains, fuckface.


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  2. ...but, but...I love you :(
    Showin' mah daily support ;P

  3. What annoys me is when people claim they endlessly love their boyfriend/girlfriend after 2-3 days of going out.

  4. People really use that expression way too casually.

  5. Emotional manipulation. Not just for cats!

  6. Kitari....I completely agree...

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  8. Perhaps the whole meaning has changed? It seems odd that people see love as it has to mean one thing the whole time when many words change meanings. Perhaps the definition of love has simply changed to mean something much more casual but can mean deeper sentiments?

  9. Ever notice that 90% of the times it's the females who manipulate like that?

  10. Some of these things annoy me too. Stupid people. :P

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  13. I agree with this cheapening of the word. Of any word, that is.